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Digitas to Identify YouTube’s Rising Stars

Integrated brand agency Digitas announced Thursday an exclusive partnership with Outrigger Media to develop a measurement product that identifies emerging creative talent on the YouTube platform.

The Emerging Talent Tracker will leverage data and logic from Outrigger’s OpenSlate platform to identify YouTube channels with strong positive growth characteristics across measures of engagement, reach, and influence.

OpenSlate, a video content analytics platform, tracks data for more than 50,000 professionally produced channels on YouTube and measures each channel’s ability to attract and influence an audience. The Emerging Talent Tracker is being made exclusively available to Digitas and its clients.

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Recently, Digitas announced a partnership program with New York University’s Movement Lab, a motion capture studio and research group dedicated to the analysis and animation of all forms of human movement. (Read: Digitas to Offer 3D Motion Capture Brand Experiences)

“The Emerging Talent Tracker is a game-changing predictive analytics product that will, for the first time, allow us to identify new talents on the YouTube platform before they break. Our brands and Hollywood partners will now have a huge leg up on the world’s most important discovery platform,” says John McCarus, SVP, Content Practice Lead, Digitas.

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The Emerging Talent Tracker monitors audience and engagement data for more than 25 million videos on YouTube, focusing on characteristics that are predictive of future success at the channel level. The product will launch in June 2013.

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