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CNN & TIME App for the 2012 Political Conventions

Time Warner Inc. has announced the launch of the CNN-TIME Convention Floor Pass app, a mobile tool for the 2012 political conventions.

The app will feature 24/7 breaking news updates and alerts, daily analysis and commentary, exclusive early access to CNN-TIME polls, photos and video from CNN and TIME journalists on the ground at the Republican and Democratic National Conventions.

According to Time Warner, CNN-TIME Convention Floor Pass will be a must download for convention attendees in Charlotte and Tampa and will provide non-attendees a virtual ticket to the convention hall floors.

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Developed for Time Warner by Carnival Labs Limited and available via iPhone, iPad, Android or any web-enabled mobile device, CNN-TIME Convention Floor Pass features:

News and Analysis: Convention Floor Pass keeps users in the know with breaking news alerts, daily analysis and commentary, and a constant stream of articles and multimedia features from the 2012 conventions. By selecting a section from the sidebar, users can choose whether to dive deep with up to 50 stories from the app’s “News Feed” or visit the app’s “Top 5,” a digital front page showcasing the five stories driving the news each day. In addition, the app will feature a special morning edition of CNN’s Political Gut Check.

TIME Cover of the Day: Each day of the conventions, TIME will release a cover of the day and corresponding cover story featuring news and analysis from the conventions. This is stated to be the first time in TIME’s history that the magazine has released a daily cover image.

Speeches: A multimedia library of convention speeches given by legislators and newsmakers from both sides of the aisle can be accessed through the application’s “Speeches” tab.

Guide, Maps & Local Info: A continually updated “Guide” section provides users with a calendar of events, parties and other convention activities. Maps of the St. Petersburg Times Forum in Tampa, as well as the Time Warner Cable Arena and Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte can be found on the app’s “Map” page. A “Local Info” tab presents a list of the bars, restaurants, coffee shops, taxi services, and retail near the convention halls in both cities.

Social Central: A “Social” tab directs users to a dashboard of election Twitter buzz that can be filtered by convention-related hash tags. Twitter and foursquare users can tweet and check-in from directly within the app. Additionally, a “CNN iReport” tab provides a direct gateway to CNN’s social media community for news, enabling users to browse user-generated content, register, sign-in to their account or sign on as a guest to share their photos and videos from the conventions.

Bump ‘n’ Find State Badge Quest: Users can personalize CNN-TIME Convention Floor Pass by identifying their state of origin and unlocking the first of 50 state badges. Bump technology enables delegates and convention attendees to collect additional states and share their badges with other CNN-TIME Convention Floor Pass users through the app’s “Badges” option.

Notifications: Core Push Technology enables users to receive breaking news alerts and to set event reminders from within the app’s “Guide” section.

You can visit iTunes for more information about the CNN-TIME Convention Floor Pass for iPad and iPhone, Google Play for Android or for mobile web access.

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