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Broken Heart Inspires Israeli Bachelor to Launch Love Site

Etai Hugi, a 32-year-old Israeli bachelor, has had enough of the single life and hatched an innovative plan to meet the love of his life.

To this end, Hugi has launched a diverse website that aims to serve 1,000,000 singles from all over the world – women and men equally – at any given moment.

Inspiration for the project came from a broken heart, and a friend’s contention that “the chance of finding true love in our day is one in a million…”.

Hearing this, Hugi decided to establish a website that would help him find just that – his one in a million – and offer the rest of the world the opportunity to join in the experience, as a social endeavour.

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The site’s format is that of a huge image board, with pictures of single men and women arranged as square tiles.

To take part in the project, which Hugi claims will forever be a piece of internet history, participants must upload a picture, describe themselves in 45 characters, share a link, and pay a one-time $1 fee on PayPal to be forever commemorated on the singles’ wall.

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“Life’s fast track forces us to think fast,” Hugi explains on the site. “Issues like making a living and finding partners are a true concern for many people my age around the world,” he adds.

“And then it hit me. I can solve all of my problems in one fell swoop, while doing good for thousands of others! I can get to know the love of my life, become an overnight millionaire, and even play matchmaker for singles around the world.”

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Its simple but bold premise is one that Hugi believes is destined for great success; both his own, and that of thousands of other singles the world over. It was announced today, Oct. 8.

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