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Another Social Networking Site for People of Delhi

While online social networking concept is still in its infancy, as most social networks are considered time-wasters used by some idle junkies, shirking workers, retired men, and jobless women, here comes a new one.

LocalCircles is being offered as a local social network to the people of New Delhi (a.k.a. Delhi), India’s capital.

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Announced today, March 6, it is an invitation-based online hangout for the people of Delhi and around.

While there is already a plethora of similar online services available in Delhi, LocalCircles too aims to allow citizens to connect with local communities and search for commercial services.

While Facebook may have its own limitations, most social networkers in India prefer to use Facebook only. Therefore, attracted by Facebook’s popularity, many me-too outfits are getting into social networking business.

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Some of them are trying to draw commercial benefits while others are running after political clout. Slowly, both these categories of outfits die their natural death leaving users in the lurch and their social networking sites in a barren state.

According to a press release issued by LocalCircles, the platform is launched by Mrs. Sheila Dikshit, Chief Minister of Delhi, which is a political position in the Indian state of Delhi.

“With what we have seen so far in our trials in Delhi, we are bringing back the sense of community which used to exist when our cities were small,” said Sachin Taparia, chairman and managing director of LocalCircles.

LocalCircles is free, secure and mobile friendly, it was stated.

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One comment on “Another Social Networking Site for People of Delhi

  1. Rashid khan on said:

    The author obviously is off by a mark because he has not done enough due diligence. I am a user of LocalCircles in Indirapuram. I am neither an idle junk nor I like hanging out. I work in investment an trading and have fallen in love with this site. It makes my daily life easier…I will let you research more.

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