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Adobe Publishing Tools for Tablets and Smartphones

Adobe Systems (NASDAQ:ADBE) today announced Adobe Technical Communication Suite 4 software, the next generation of its single-source authoring and multi-device publishing toolkit for technical writers, help authors and instructional designers.

The new version helps streamline the creation of standards-compliant technical content by leveraging native XML/Darwin Information Typing Architecture (DITA) support.

It also enables authors to make technical information widely accessible on iPad and other tablets and smartphones by publishing to formats such as multiscreen HTML5, eBook and native mobile apps.

Adobe also introduced new versions of the suite’s core components: Adobe FrameMaker 11, an authoring and publishing solution for XML/DITA and unstructured technical content, and Adobe RoboHelp 10, a user-friendly authoring and multiscreen HTML5 publishing solution for help systems, policies, procedures and professional knowledge bases.

Adobe Illustrator CS6, Adobe Captivate 6, Adobe Presenter 8 and Adobe Acrobat X Pro round out the suite, integrating powerful graphics editing, eLearning and demo creation as well as dynamic PDF functionalities.

“Today’s consumers demand that technical content is easily consumable, interactive, searchable and available on-the-go – changing how content is created and delivered,” said Naresh Gupta, senior vice president, Print and Publishing at Adobe.

“Adobe Technical Communication Suite 4 brings together the newest versions of Adobe’s best-in-class software to address these needs while providing a high return on investment and low cost of ownership.”

Released today, July 24, the latest release of Adobe Technical Communication Suite 4 offers tight tooling integration to help streamline, simplify and accelerate content creation and delivery workflows in today’s multi-author, multi-reviewer environments.

This results in shorter learning curves, lower training costs and higher adoption rates among technical communication professionals, says the company. Using the suite, it says, organizations from large enterprises to small and medium-sized businesses can also track and analyze content usage and consumption patterns for continuous optimization.

Photo courtesy: Adobe Systems

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