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11 Love Tips for Social Lovers on Facebook

By Rakesh Raman

Rakesh Raman

Rakesh Raman

Those who didn’t have any companion a few years ago can proudly say today they’ve many on Facebook. In their made-for-each-other relationship, they spend days (and nights) together.

While Facebook never sleeps, these social lovers on Facebook only dream about each other when (and if) they sleep.

But there’s still some problem somewhere. Most are not able to express their true love on Facebook despite their pristine intentions.

For them, here are 11 simple tips that they can follow to infuse a new life in their relationship.

1. Good Morning

Always begin your Facebook session with a “Good Morning” message even when your boy or girl friend is sitting on the other side of the globe where it’s already midnight. But it’s your way to show your care for them, cutting through the concept of day and night.

2. Photos

You must keep changing your profile photo constantly – at least 12 times a day is recommended. Your partners will surely like it. Remember, it’s always better with fewer clothes.

3. Pets

Along with your own photo, you must put pictures of your pets to please others – preferably dogs, but cats and rats will also do. Just ensure that they’re of some good variety.

4. Life Talk

Talk frequently about life – life is this, life is that, life is short, life is long. Such lifelike gossip can surely attract your virtual significant others. If you’re clueless about the realities of life, there are plenty of text and pictured quotes available on the Web. Just steal and paste them. After all, you have to express your emotions by hook or by crook.

5. Culture

If you belong to a modern country with ostensibly rich culture, don’t forget to use the words “shit”, “fuck”, “ass”, “asshole”… in all your posts. That way, you can impress your Facebook friends who are really close to your heart.

6. Wall Visits

You should secretly visit the Facebook walls of your partners and come back without saying even a word. This is a silent love technique that’s slowly gaining momentum in the social love world. Its results are still not known, but you can try it without any hesitation.

7. Secret Love

If you believe more and more in secret love, never appear in your chat box. Keep this option always off, though you may be hanging around all the time.

8. Happy Birthday

If you’re of virtually shy type, birthdays are the only occasions for you to show your love. Even if you’re hiding in a dark cave on Facebook, come out, say “Happy Birthday” to your possible partner and run back to the cave – only to appear again after a year on their next birthday.

9. Sensual Expressions

Although there are many of FarmVille, ChefVille, this Ville, that Ville available on Facebook, just ignore all of them. And try only those sensual things that deal with hugs and kisses, if you’re serious in love.

10. Events

As such, invites for Facebook events are utterly useless. When you invite four thousand, not even four would come. But they can be useful to just take your love game forward. Your invitation can open up the new love doors. Just create a useless event and start sending invites to those who stay in your heart.

11. Soft Poke

If all your strides are not delivering the desired results, try the Poke thing, which is freely available on Facebook. But use it softly because with its knife-like sharp point, it can hurt your love partner. You’d never like to do that. Or will you?

And if you think all this advice is useless and Facebook is only a time-waster meant to be used by some idle junkies, you should stay away from it.

Instead, you can utilize your time with your family, real friends in your neighborhood, or for helping others in the community who may need your time and help. And that will be the real expression of your true love.

By Rakesh Raman, the managing editor of Raman Media Network.

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