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Monster Balloon Girl Stars on Instagram

Personal audio systems brand Monster announced Wednesday a new Instagram-only series, @monsterproducts, featuring a mix of conceptual stories, artist features and DIY videos.

The series launches under the new brand theme “#plugn,” for its Monster N-TUNE headphone line.

The purpose of Monster’s Instagram campaign is to showcase how today’s youth use music to inspire the art, fashion and culture they create.

Monster’s #plugn Instagram series launches today, Nov. 28; new content will post weekly.

It comes with “Balloon Girl”—a video featuring a nine-year-old girl who challenges a sunny, blue sky with 600 helium balloons, a pair of Monster N-TUNE headphones and a slightly too heavy sweater.

Monster N-TUNE headphones are available at selected retailers, including Walmart, Office Depot, Fry’s, Staples, Kohl’s, ABC Warehouse, Sears, Electronic Express (US); The Source and Best Buy (Canada).

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