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Director Shoots Feature Film Entirely on iPad

Ocular Migraine Productions and indie filmmaker Aaron Mento say they have gone where no filmmaker has gone before: to the world of the tablet.

“Standards of Living,” claimed to be the first feature-length film shot on the iPad 2, was released Wednesday for live streaming at, giving audiences a glimpse into a new avenue of filmmaking.

When Mento decided to create a feature using only his iPad, he knew he was challenging movie industry standards. Facing a tight budget, the filmmaker wrote the screenplay for “Standards of Living” to be within the iPad 2’s capabilities.

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“When you’re low-budget, needing high-end equipment and an operating team can keep you from getting your story out into the world. I saw my iPad 2 one day and thought, ‘Why can’t I make my movie using that?’ ” Mento said.

Mento and his crew shot the entire 89-minute film without the help of a single tripod, rig or lens. Other unique aspects of filming on the iPad 2 include the device’s auto exposure, and the challenge of achieving close-up shots given the device’s wide fixed lens.

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“The iPad 2 gives the movie a strange look, which I love for how it fits with the science fiction, ‘Twilight Zone’ inspired aspects of the film’s plot.”

An unpredictable hybrid of horror, comedy and science fiction, “Standards of Living” follows struggling stand-up comedian Peter Sayer, who is desperately unfunny and desperate to change that.

Written and directed by Mento and produced by Ocular Migraine Productions, “Standards of Living” stars Scott Yarborough (Peter Sayer), Bill Ferris (Mr. Randall) and Derek Houck (Stu) in a genre-bending adventure that leaves audiences wondering how much weirder and darker Peter’s journey could possibly get.

“Standards of Living” is Mento’s first feature-length film. Mento previously wrote and co-created “TV FACE,” claimed to be Internet’s first feature-length horror web series, which was nominated for a 2007 Webby Award.

Mento established Ocular Migraine Productions in 2011.

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