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Could You Watch Samsung’s Viral Film on Games?

Samsung claims that over 2.9 million people in 7 days have viewed Samsung’s film at YouTube titled ‘Sport Doesn’t Care Who You Are,’ designed to challenge viewers to rethink their attitudes towards Paralympic athletes.

The film is part of an initiative led by Samsung to focus people on ability, not disability, and to get them behind the London 2012 Paralympic Games.

Samsung Ambassador, David Beckham who posted the film to his Facebook page said that “this is a very powerful film that shows the enormous effort required of sportspeople who want to compete on the world stage. This film will inspire many people.”

The film is based on the belief, enshrined in the campaign manifesto that sport doesn’t care who you are or where you are from, Sport doesn’t care if you have two legs, or one, or wheels. Sport only cares that everyone can take part and that you give your all to win.

Academy Award nominee Henry-Alex Rubin has directed the film that is stated to be a powerful and honest celebration of athletes and their coaches, and the chemistry between them.

The film contains behind-the-scenes footage of the punishing training regimes of world-class athletes as they prepare for the Paralympic Games.

The ‘Sport Doesn’t Care Who You Are’ film links sport with social awareness. According to Samsung, this inspirational viral film puts the spotlight on Paralympic athletes, showcasing their hard work. It was announced Wednesday, Sept. 5.

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