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Watching Movies on Demand on Wi-Fi-enabled Planes

Southwest Airlines (NYSE: LUV) announced Tuesday that movies on demand are now available on all Wi-Fi-equipped Southwest aircraft for $5 per movie, per device.

The airline also announced an upgrade to its television package. In 2012, Southwest became the only airline in the world to stream live television directly to customers’ personal devices, says the company.

Now, in addition to eight channels of live news and sports, customers can also select on-demand episodes of popular television shows. The upgraded TV package is $5 a day, per device on Wi-Fi-enabled planes.

“Providing a comprehensive and robust inflight connectivity system for our customers is paramount,” said Dave Ridley, Southwest Airlines’ senior VP Business Development.

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The majority of Southwest customers now have access to Wi-Fi, movies on demand, and the upgraded television offering.  As of Feb. 6, all Southwest Boeing 737-700 and 737-800 aircraft were equipped with Row 44 satellite technology that enables these entertainment offerings/services.

This milestone represents nearly 75 percent of all Southwest aircraft, which completes the retrofit installations. Moving forward, all new deliveries and AirTran conversions will enter service with Row 44 technology installed, says the company.

Wi-Fi service can be purchased for $8 a day, per device including stops and connections. Customers do not need to purchase Wi-Fi in order to access movies or TV.

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The company says that accessing the Internet, or watching movies and television is simple. Customers use their Wi-Fi-enabled device onboard any Boeing 737-700 or 737-800 aircraft, connect to “southwestwifi,” and launch their browser to be directed to the inflight entertainment portal.

From the portal, customers are able to select Wi-Fi, movies, or television. The portal also provides free access to a flight tracker, shopping, and games.

With Row 44 satellite technology, connectivity continues to work over bodies of water so customers remain connected all day, no matter where they travel.

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