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Trend Micro Plans Social Networking Protection

Trend Micro, a tech company offering cloud security solutions, has released Trend Micro Titanium Internet Security 2013, a new family of security software.

It promises protection from cyber threats for your device, your important files and data, your privacy, while extending its solutions for your family.

Launched today, Sept. 10, the new five-product family includes Titanium Antivirus+, Titanium Internet Security, Titanium Maximum Security, Titanium Premium Security and Titanium Internet Security for Mac.

Technology enables people to keep up with friends, family and colleagues around the world via social networks, says the company.

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Unfortunately, it believes, there is a dark side to social networking. Billions of people are socializing on websites, creating a large pool of potential victims that attract cybercriminals. Click-jacking, fake applications and social engineering are just some of the tactics used in order to deliver malware.

Trend Micro Security

Trend Micro Security

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In Trend Micro’s Annual Consumer Security survey conducted of a 1,000 computer users, 20 percent of consumers reported that while on a social networking site, they clicked a link that posted things to their wall that they didn’t want shared, and 18 percent reported clicking on a link that resulted in computer problems.

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Titanium Internet Security is being offered as a solution for social networking safety. By identifying potentially malicious links, all products within the Titanium family protect users while on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, MySpace and Pinterest.

How does Titanium do this?  When Titanium identifies a bad link, it will let the consumer share this information with friends, so users can help keep friends safe online too.

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