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Swallow Your Bliss to Raise Funds from Indiegogo

A new sitcom being produced by Scarpaci / Kelly Productions will fund its pilot episode by raising money on crowdfunding site, Indiegogo. Swallow Your Bliss is a food-centric sitcom about a TV cooking show and its crew.

Food stylist / chef Denise Vivaldo and multiple indie filmmakers Pattie Kelly, Phil Scarpaci and Brian Everingham created Swallow Your Bliss.

The team includes actor / producer Christopher Rich (Murphy Brown/Reba/Boston Legal), actor / producer Lisa Long (Shameless), casting director / producer Ricki Maslar, C.S.A and veteran actor Michael Dorn (Star Trek: The Next Generation / Castle).

The target is to raise $75,000 while the filming of the pilot episode is currently scheduled for the end of October.

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