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Gluco-Share Mobile App to Improve Diabetic Health

Vmersion-Health, which develops and publishes social media applications for health-related causes, has introduced Gluco-Share.

It is a mobile smart device application that connects people living with diabetes with their family and friends through a private and secure social media network. The Gluco-Share app is a free download available at the Apple iTunes store.

The app enables persons living with diabetes to monitor their blood sugar (glucose) levels and to communicate that information in real time to their circle of family and friends.

In turn, family and friends communicate their support, providing social and psychological encouragement that empowers a person to maintain their medical regimen and live a fuller life.

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“The daily support and understanding people living with diabetes receive from their social circle can make a significant difference in how effectively they manage the disease,” said Joseph Madden, president and CEO of Vmersion-Health. “Gluco-Share harnesses technology already available on a smart device – data input, chat, text, notifications and badges – to create a private, secure and fun supportive social network.”

As an application, Gluco-Share provides three interrelated functions: Check, Share and Reward.

CHECK: Persons with Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes receive friendly automated reminders to check blood glucose levels. The Check function provides data fields for glucose values, med units, and personal comments and automatically registers date and time.

SHARE: Gluco-Share communicates data and alerts in real time to persons within the diabetic’s social circle of parents, family and friends, allowing them to share in the frequency of the diabetic’s checking of glucose levels. A ‘chat’ function allows family and friends to offer supportive comments – or to just say hello and maintain normal social relationships.

Safeguards within the Gluco-Share app ensure that the user’s privacy are protected: all stored data is kept private to the individual, providing each user full control over how and with whom he or she chooses to share information within the Gluco-Share member network.

REWARD: Gluco-Share features a ‘Challenge’ system that rewards frequent checking and provides fun and educational games that encourage interplay among Gluco-Share members.

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The Gluco-Share app provides the option to register via Facebook. The app has online manuals and videos to assist in registering and using Gluco-Share and its features.

In addition to the smart device app, people with diabetes and those with an interest in diabetes can visit the Gluco-Share website, Facebook page and YouTube channel.

Vmersion-Health is creating and aggregating information, commentary, blogs and real-life stories of how people are finding effective ways to manage their condition and better enjoy their lives.

Gluco-Share version 1.1 is designed for use on the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. The app is available for download, free, as a “health and fitness” application at the Apple iTunes store.

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