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Cloud Computing to Create Millions of Jobs, Says Microsoft

Software company Microsoft today published commissioned research from analyst firm IDC indicating that cloud computing will create nearly 14 million new jobs globally by 2015.

According to Microsoft, IDC’s research predicts revenues from cloud innovation could reach $1.1 trillion per year by 2015, which, combined with cloud efficiencies, will drive significant organizational reinvestment and job growth.

The report released today, March 5, also indicates specific industries will generate job growth at different rates, and that public cloud investments will drive faster job growth than private cloud investments.

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The report also notes governments can influence the number of jobs created by cloud computing within individual countries.

Microsoft is delivering a set of solutions to drive the cloud’s growing future. The company offers full public and private cloud solutions for consumers and organizations of all sizes.

According to Microsoft, its solutions enable customers to reap the benefits of cloud computing — from connecting and sharing for consumers, to lowering costs and realizing new technical or strategic opportunities for organizations.

[ On the other hand, RMN Digital believes that cloud is still floating in infancy. Today, there’s a lot of fog around cloud. You can know about our understanding of the cloud market in this article. And as regards commissioned reports, vendors pay for getting such reports done from researchers mostly to create hype around the products or services that they offer. Thus, they try to falsely influence the buyers. So, buyers should not take findings from such reports seriously. Moreover, in the fast-changing tech markets, it’s just not possible to correctly predict anything for a distant future – like for 2015. ]

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