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SoundHound Music Discovery Service Goes Live on Wearables

SoundHound Music Discovery Service Goes Live on Wearables

SoundHound, a company offering sound recognition and search technologies, is showcasing its music identification service deployed via wearable technology.

According to the company, its service has already been integrated in automobiles, starting with select Hyundai and Kia vehicles.

SoundHound’s technology is currently integrated into the Casio G-SHOCK GBA-400, a Bluetooth smartwatch that began shipping in Japan in September 2014, and is now available for purchase in the U.S.

Service features:

  • LiveLyrics, providing lyrics in real time with the song as it plays
  • Integration with Spotify and Rdio, including direct “add to playlist” ability, as well as Pandora, iTunes Radio and Beats Music
  • TouchTunes integration, allowing users to launch songs from within SoundHound to the digital jukebox in more than 60,000 venues
  • Social media sharing via Facebook and Twitter
  • Click to purchase from iTunes, Google Play and Amazon
  • Access to watch full music videos
  • DNA of Music, the exploration of songs to uncover the covers, remixes and samples associated
  • Music Map detailing a personalized musical journey by location of ID’d songs

Through one touch on their connected watch, users can search for music that is playing in their environment, and learn the song title as it appears on the watch display. SoundHound plans to launch on more wearables later this year.

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