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Social TV with Interactive Opinion System for Hispanics

This channel is only for Hispanics. It allows Hispanic viewers to express and share their real opinions about the news and trending topics that are most important to them on screen.

Television has extended its social media reach with the launch of SOI TV, claimed to be the first and only 100% Social TV for Hispanics.

SOI TV is now broadcasting across the United States to 3.3 million Hispanic households through a platform that enables users to interact in real-time with its on-air programming.

Through virtual polls and social media feeds, Mexican-Americans (and other Hispanics from 17 different countries) in 15 cities across the United States will have a voice at SOI, regardless of immigration status.

Audiences can experience SOI through its online live streaming capability or over the air through its .3 digital antenna frequency in fifteen markets. Staying true to the life experience of its audience, SOI will soon undertake its own migration — onto the airwaves of cable and satellite feeds.

SOI, which stands for Sistema de Opinion Interactiva (Interactive Opinion System), is stated to be a new and completely legal Social TV network to provide the Latino population with an exclusive media platform driven by the power of their voice.

Hispanic viewers can now interact with SOI’s on-air programming via Facebook, Twitter and the SOI website – in real time. In this way, the audience drives the conversation and makes the U.S. Hispanic voice en masse the driving force of the SOI TV experience, the channel believes.

“The Latino voice in the United States has become more important than ever and it needs to be heard loud and clear,” said Julian Isaac, CEO, SOI TV. “By combining the Latino population’s propensity for technology and social media consumption with the medium of television, we have created the ideal media platform where Hispanic opinion becomes the reigning force behind the news.”

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