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Smartphone App for Breast Cancer Patients

The Center for Restorative Breast Surgery founded by Dr. Frank DellaCroce and Dr. Scott Sullivan in New Orleans has announced the launch of a new smartphone app.

It is designed for women newly diagnosed with breast cancer and those looking for more information on the newest and most sophisticated breast reconstruction techniques available. It is now available for both iPhone and Android devices and can be downloaded for free.

Developed by surgeons at The Center for Restorative Breast Surgery and the St. Charles Surgical Hospital—a hospital dedicated to breast reconstruction surgery—the app allows users to explore all reconstructive options, get detailed information about each procedure and see “before and after” photos.

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Meanwhile, WebMD Health Corp. has launched WebMD Pregnancy app. It is a free iPhone app offering expectant moms WebMD’s physician-reviewed pregnancy information that is customizable to fit a woman’s unique pregnancy.

The app is WebMD’s latest addition to its multi-screen platform approach which provides health information to consumers. (Read: Pregnancy App from WebMD for Expectant Moms)

“We are passionate about the information that this app is capable of delivering to all women facing a breast cancer diagnosis,” states Dr. Frank DellaCroce, one of the app’s creators. “It will empower women in search of answers, and assist them in making better reconstructive decisions for themselves.”

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Procedure Wizard, a section within the app, uses a supercomputer to determine reconstructive options best suited for each patient. The user anonymously answers a series of questions about their individual situation and the Procedure Wizard provides a personalized analysis.

“We encourage women to explore this part of the app as a first step in learning about their options,” states DellaCroce.

This app will also assist patients in asking the right questions when visiting with potential surgeons prior to surgery. The “What to Ask” section provides questions to pose, and “best practice” answers, to assist in the selection of the best surgeon for each individual case.

In addition, it is equipped with convenient, easy to use features that provide assistance in scheduling and keeping track of all appointments during treatment, taking notes, and recording messages or reminders while on the go.

Users can also contact the Center for Restorative Breast Surgery directly from the app for additional information, to send an email or information prior to a visit.

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