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SAP to Help Urban Leaders Build Future Cities

SAP to Help Urban Leaders Build Future Cities

SAP to Help Urban Leaders Build Future Cities

Enterprise software company SAP SE (NYSE: SAP) announced Wednesday that it will help urban leaders deliver a high quality of life to their citizens, based on its SAP Urban Matters initiative.

The expanded program, to be branded SAP Future Cities, is a response to strong customer demand and rapidly evolving economic, social and environmental factors facing cities.

These range from the rise of the sharing economy to the imperative to better manage congestion, public safety and the effects of climate change.

SAP will share management practices for effective use of technology in these contexts, enabling leaders to better respond to citizens, make faster decisions and manage scarce resources.

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With technology as a means, SAP is working with cities worldwide to help them better engage with citizens, drive prosperity, deliver enhanced services, improve tax and revenue collection, address social inclusion, open up government and increase public safety and sustainability.

The company says that the impact of offerings springing from SAP Future Cities can be seen in cities as diverse as Barcelona, Bhopal, Buenos Aires, Cape Town, and Melbourne.

“With the world’s population continuing to urbanize, cities are now at the heart of SAP’s mission to make the world run better – and critical for our public sector business,” said Isabella Groegor-Cechowicz, general manager, SAP Public Services. “Customers at all levels of government are seeking our help with strategies to address urban opportunities and challenges.”

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