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Republican Ad Campaign Goes Online to Win Back the White House

Republican Leadership Initiative

Republican Leadership Initiative

The Republican National Committee (RNC) announced Thursday a new drive to introduce the leaders behind the effort to win back the White House through its Republican Leadership Initiative (RLI).

The RNC begins the year by launching a video series with a quarter million dollar initial ad buy including TV ads running during the South Carolina Republican Debate and a digital buy for the month of January, with continued ads running online throughout the first quarter.

As part of the campaign, the RNC recently launched a new Instagram account dedicated to telling the stories of the RLI team members and the impact they are making in their communities.

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The initiative will emphasize the personal stories behind the RLI program and encourage others to join the effort to make a difference in their community.

The ads feature a Latino, first-generation college graduate from Pueblo, Colorado; a 9/11 firefighter and small business owner from the Bronx, New York; a community leader from Sarasota, Florida; the mother of an autistic child from Tampa, Florida; and the son of Haitian immigrants and mentor from Queens, New York. The ads tell their unique life stories and inspiration for making a difference in politics.

RLI was launched in early 2015 as an effort to recruit and train fellows who will serve as leaders in the RNC’s permanent field program. The RNC has received over 6,000 applicants and trained more than 1,000 RLI participants from across the country and in key 2016 states.

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The fellows will be incorporated into an RNC field organization that will number in the thousands by Election Day 2016 as the GOP builds the largest field program in the Party’s history.

Together RLI fellows and RNC staff hold house parties, recruit volunteers, register voters, collect signatures, and mobilize their networks for the General Election.

“Our effort to win the White House is fueled by the diverse and unique personal stories that motivate each and every individual to get involved in the political process,” said RNC chairman Reince Priebus.

The full video series can be found here.

Photo courtesy: RNC

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