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Samsung to Bring Music to Every Room in Your Home

Samsung Electronics America, Inc. has announced the availability of the Samsung Shape Wireless Audio Multiroom speaker system (WAM750).

It will enable music lovers to enjoy tether-free entertainment in any room of the house, from various music sources.

The flexible new speaker can be used alone or in combination with the Samsung Hub (WAM250) and additional M7 speakers to create a multi-room system.

It comes with easy plug-and-play installation. You can simply connect the M7 or optional Samsung Hub to a router, plug in, and download the free app to effortlessly control multiple speakers and audio sources from a smartphone.

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With the Samsung Hub (WAM250) consumers are able to connect additional M7 speakers in any room of their home while maintaining superior sound quality and eliminating the need to connect any of the speakers to a router.

For one-to-one pairing of an M7 to a smartphone, Bluetooth with NFC functionality is also included.

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“In today’s homes, consumers are engaging with a multitude of devices for entertainment, including Smart TVs and smartphones,” said Jim Kiczek, director of Digital Audio and Video at Samsung Electronics America.

“The Samsung Shape M7 was designed to fit and work perfectly in the Samsung family of home entertainment products, offering simplicity, versatility and incredible sound, all accessed with a touch of a smartphone.”

Samsung’s Shape Wireless Audio Multiroom system, which includes one M7 speaker, will be available on Oct. 13 at the retail price of $399.99. The Samsung Hub will also be available on Oct. 13 at a retail price of $49.99.

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