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Panasonic to Open ‘Wonder Life-Box’ in Tokyo

Panasonic to Open 'Wonder Life-Box' in Tokyo

Panasonic to Open ‘Wonder Life-Box’ in Tokyo

Panasonic Corporation will open a showcase that presents future lifestyles for 2020 and beyond at the Panasonic Center Tokyo, the company’s global communications hub for linking Panasonic and its customers.

Called the Wonder Life-Box, the new exhibition will be open to the public on Saturdays, Sundays, and Japanese holidays beginning Saturday, July 11, 2015.

Looking ahead to social challenges and megatrends to come, the Wonder Life-Box will present a concrete vision of future lifestyles from a daily life perspective.

Under the concept of “An enriched lifestyle you will admire – self-designing life and comfortable life,” Panasonic proposes a lifestyle that allows people to take initiative to live a comfortable life by taking advantage of a range of community and social services best suited to each person or family based on the information collected from consumer electronics and housing equipment in the house.

Visitors will find a future lifestyle with a “Partner” that supports daily life in various aspects by connecting people and things to achieve an enriched lifestyle with both “security” and “sharing.”

The Partner will assist people via two-way communication to ensure safe and secure living, helping to relieve anxieties such as disasters, crimes and health conditions. The Partner will also facilitate sharing of things, information and spaces that leads to strengthening of bonds among people.

While offering the latest information via the Wonder Life-Box, Panasonic will develop new business partners and establish new business models based on feedback from customers who experienced first-hand the future lifestyles in the showcase.

Further, by inviting key persons from different fields, technical seminars with a focus on a specific social challenge will be offered in the future. In doing so, Panasonic says it will continue to pursue “A Better Life, A Better World” for each and every customer and strive to create new businesses for the future.

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