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Online Poll: Do You Accept Narendra Modi as Prime Minister of India?

Narendra Modi

Narendra Modi

As Narendra Modi is finding it extremely difficult to face the increasing number of agitations against him, he prefers to spend most of his time away from India.

By Rakesh Raman

As Narendra Modi is being pooh-poohed by every wise Indian for his repeated failures, it is believed that he is perhaps the most hated Prime Minister of India.

Under Modi’s 17-month rule, the country of 1.25 billion people has gone back by almost 17 years. Today, the people of India are suffering under the unprecedented poverty, back-breaking inflation, economic turbulence, and communal tension in all parts of the country.

There are widespread protests from common people, award-winning writers, opposition parties, and even the people who belong to Modi’s own political outfit BJP against Modi’s incompetence to run the country.

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Modi is aware of his failures and intellectual bankruptcy. He is also watching the increasing unrest in the country because of his inability and reluctance to bring things back on track. But he has maintained a stony silence.

As Modi is finding it extremely difficult to face the increasing number of agitations against him, he prefers to spend most of his time away from India. Modi has made 29 foreign tours since becoming the PM in May 2014.

Estimates suggests that he has already splurged Rs. 200 crore (over $30 million) of public money on his foreign excursions while the country has hardly benefited from Modi’s picnics.

Under Modi government, the already deformed democracy in the country has become a plutocracy or perhaps kleptocracy (the rule by thieves) controlled by the corporate bigwigs who hobnob with Modi.

In order to know people’s views about Modi and the reasons why most people hate Modi., RMN News Service – the companion global news site of RMN Digital – has started an online poll. You can cast your own vote and see the results of the poll in the “Your Voice” section of the RMN News Service.

Online Poll: Narendra Modi

Online Poll: Narendra Modi

While people of India have been suffering for the past seven decades under the rules of all political parties, Modi – with his extreme failures on all fronts – has ushered in a new wave of political calamity in India.

Now there is an immediate need for a countrywide civil rights movement and democratic reforms to save the country and its citizens from people like Modi. Hope you agree.

By Rakesh Raman, the managing editor of RMN Company

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This article is part of our editorial initiative called REAL VOTER that covers political developments in India. Click here to visit REAL VOTER.

Photo courtesy: BJP

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