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Now Download Toyota FT-1 Concept on PlayStation

Beginning Jan. 14, the Toyota FT-1 concept will be available as a downloadable vehicle for PlayStation 3’s Gran Turismo 6 (GT6) real driving simulator.

Race fans and the gaming community can experience FT-1 exclusively in GT6, where the FT-1 was created digitally to demonstrate what a production FT-1 could achieve.

“Thanks to the amazing capability of the Gran Turismo game engine, gamers can enjoy a very real simulation piloting the ultra-high performance FT-1 on the tracks it was designed to master,” said Kevin Hunter, president of Calty Design Research, the group responsible for the FT-1 design.

This concept is a spiritual pacecar for Toyota’s future design direction, according to the company.

Penned by enthusiast designers at Toyota’s Calty Design Research facility in Newport Beach, California, the concept represents Toyota’s vision of the ultimate high-performance sports car. Its name is derived from Future Toyota (FT), and the number “1” as in ultimate.

The physics engine in GT6 will bring the FT-1 to life for a gaming community eager to get behind the wheel of this aggressive, track-focused, visionary sports car concept, says the company.

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