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No Mobile: रोको और चलो Cab Service Launched in Delhi

रोको और चलो Cab Service in Delhi

रोको और चलो Cab Service in Delhi

Magic Sewa, a Delhi-based taxi start-up, introduces “Hail n Ride” (रोको और चलो, Roko Aur Chalo) service as an additional feature for its customers in India’s capital New Delhi.

According to the company, this service ensures that passengers don’t ever miss a ride, even when they are not on internet or they do not have access to their mobile phones.

If they see a Magic Sewa cab, they can hail it and book it, right there. It is for the first time ever that this feature is introduced in India, says the company.

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The ‘Hail n Ride’ feature enables a customer to flag down a Magic Sewa cab on the street and take an instant ride without following any formality. They just needs a valid mobile number to take a ride.

The driver just enters provided mobile number in his driver app and the ride starts immediately. The driver app seamlessly interacts with the passenger app back-end to create a unique booking.

The passenger receives notification and invoice through their app and/or through mobile phone and e-mail.

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Magic Sewa was launched in December 2015 and is currently running 100+ CNG only new sedan fleet in Delhi, says the company.

The mobile app is currently available on Android (Google Play Store) and will soon be available on iOS platform.

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