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New Target of ISIS Terrorists: Twitter Boss Jack Dorsey

New Target of ISIS Terrorists: Twitter Boss Jack Dorsey

New Target of ISIS Terrorists: Twitter Boss Jack Dorsey

By Rakesh Raman

The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) is encouraging its members to kill Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey and Twitter employees in different parts of the world.

The most dangerous terrorist group in the world has posted a statement on a social networking site in its native Arabic language to attack Twitter staff.

But why Twitter and Dorsey? ISIS believes that Twitter is not allowing it to disseminate its propaganda information and deleting ISIS’ accounts regularly.

The English translation of the ISIS’ Arabic message in Google Chrome indicates that it is an ISIS response against Twitter campaign to delete its accounts.

In its message addressed to Dorsey, the translation reads, “Hey Jack helpless when their necks officially become a target for the soldiers of the Caliphate and supporters scattered among your midst!”

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The message appears on with a Twitter logo and Dorsey’s picture under the crosshair of a gun.

Twitter has been deleting ISIS accounts which spread information about its activities and are used for recruitments. Although it’s not possible for Twitter to find out if the account belongs to ISIS, the microblogging site decides to close the account if it’s carrying objectionable content.

RMN Digital cannot independently confirm the authenticity of the ISIS message for Twitter.

By Rakesh Raman, the managing editor of RMN Company

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