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New IBM Research Lab to Open In Kenya

IBM (NYSE: IBM) today announced it is opening its first IBM Research lab on the African continent.

IBM Research – Africa will have its first location in Nairobi, Kenya in collaboration between the Ministry of Information, Communication and Technology (ICT) through the Kenya ICT Board.

It will conduct basic and applied research focused on solving problems relevant to Africa and contribute to the building of a science and technology base for the continent.

Earlier, IBM announced the launch of a report entitled ” A Vision of a Smarter City: How Nairobi Can Lead the Way into a Prosperous and Sustainable Future that highlights transportation, energy and public safety as three critical areas to address in line with the growth of Nairobi’s more economically empowered and mobile younger generation. (Read: Tech-Led Progress Needed in Kenya: Report)

Operations at IBM Research – Africa will commence immediately and expansion into other parts of Africa may be considered in a second phase, said IBM.

The new lab will establish a Resident Scientist Program, an international recruitment program to reach Kenyan and other African applicants. The program will aim to attract top R&D talent to work side-by-side with IBM researchers in the lab.

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The Resident Scientist candidates will be pre- and post-doctoral researchers including scientists and researchers from academia, government and industry. The Resident Scientists will begin with a one-year tenure with options for this to be extended.

Resident Scientists will be integrated into the IBM Research – Africa lab as well as IBM’s global network of labs. Each Resident Scientist can collaborate with IBM researchers throughout IBM’s global network of laboratories as they carry out their research. IBM Made this announcement today, August 13.

Photo courtesy: IBM

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