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ILY Phone Allows Family Members to Stay Connected

ILY Phone Allows Family Members to Stay Connected

ILY Phone Allows Family Members to Stay Connected

Technology start-up Insensi has introduced ILY, a new family phone that provides a simple way for family members to connect through voice, video and messaging.

“ILY makes everyday connections effortless, regardless of age, location or tech savviness,” said Ilan Abehassera, founder and CEO of Insensi, the maker of ILY.

ILY is an eight-inch touchscreen device that sits in the family room, kitchen, or other central location in your house. It connects to Wi-fi, and can replace your landline phone simply by plugging your phone cable into the device.

There is no Internet browser on ILY, so your children can connect with family members without access to games, video sites, or unsafe Internet content.

ILY is simple to use, designed for everyone, ages three or 93. To call someone using ILY, you simply tap on the person’s photo on the ILY screen.

For example, children can touch a photo of Grandma to start a voice or a video call with her. They can also send her photos from the device, or drawings they’ve created on ILY’s touchscreen.

Alternatively, Grandma can video call her grandchildren through her own ILY device or by downloading the ILY app on her smartphone or tablet.

It connects directly to other ILYs in different households, or through the ILY app. ILY’s suite of apps for iOS, Android and desktop lets family members make calls or send messages to any ILY, from devices they already own.

That means one family member can own an ILY, while many others communicate with it through the app. And parents who travel can always make voice and video calls or send messages through the app when they are on the road.

ILY can be personalized for each family member with photos and colors. In addition to voice and video calls, ILY can be used to share messages, photos, and drawings; capture family notes, like shopping lists and reminders; and play music.

Families can also see a record of their day’s communications with ILY’s Family Feed that shows which family members are interacting and how.

ILY is available for pre-order on for $199 per device. It is available worldwide. The ILY Android and iOS apps can be downloaded from the Google Play store or Apple App store for free beginning in the fall 2015. ILY devices are expected to start shipping in the fall 2015.

Launched in 2014, Insensi is CEO Ilan Abehassera’s second startup company, after building and selling Producteev to Jive in 2012. The company is currently backed by Felicis Ventures and other investors. Insensi is headquartered in New York, NY.

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