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Multi-Media Content Creation Tools for SMBs

Premiere Global Services, Inc. or PGi (NYSE: PGi), a leading provider of collaboration software and services, today announced an iMeet release to help small businesses collaborate and create multi-media content.

Targeting small and medium businesses (SMBs), iMeet, the cloud-based web conferencing software, enables live video streaming and content creation using expanded format options and recording functionality.

“This new iMeet release flips the switch on business collaboration and content creation,” said Boland T. Jones, PGi founder, chairman and CEO.

Businesses can use iMeet to:

  • Create on-demand video content, such as vLogs, client testimonials, end-user training and product demonstrations using the new iMeet recording feature;
  • Host webinars and customer training sessions for up to 125 attendees and post the recordings online for on-demand viewing;
  • Use email and social integration to share recorded “meeting minutes,” including webcam video streams, files, attendee chat and notes; and
  • Allow meeting guests to share their screens, improving collaboration and productivity by reducing time spent emailing files.

Users can access iMeet by downloading its apps for PC, Mac, iOS and Android devices—or through the web browser of their choice.

All iMeet apps are free, and joining a meeting in iMeet is always free for guests, says the company.

For more information or to get a free trial, visit:

Photo courtesy: PGi

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