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What Are Your Twitter Fans Saying About You?

Here’s an analytics tool that promises to help you monitor social media conversations in real time.

Nuvi, a real-time analytics platform, announced Wednesday the launch of an update to its social media visual intelligence platform.

According to the company, the update will provide capabilities to businesses, agencies and organizations of every size, including the ability to quickly create group monitors that provide a view into the conversation of a particular set of Twitter fans.

Additionally, customers can now integrate the Facebook page(s) they manage into the Nuvi platform and can also view sample mentions in Nuvi’s Social Landscape reports.

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“Nuvi’s social media intelligence platform is built to perpetually expand the limits of how real-time data is visualized,” said Dave Oldham, CEO and co-founder of Nuvi.

Key features of this update include:

  • Group Monitors: Nuvi users can now gather all of the followers of a particular Twitter handle into one group analysis. This feature provides a real-time window into the sentiment and conversations of a particular set of Twitter fans.
  • Facebook Integration: Users can now integrate the Facebook page(s) they manage into the Nuvi platform, allowing them to view critical Facebook data points with customizable dashboards.
  • Significant Mentions: Nuvi’s one-step Social Landscape reports now include an intelligent sampling of up to 100 relevant posts in a specific time period, giving customers an additional layer of insights that will help them identify trends and determine mindshare among key influencers.

These new updates – coupled with Nuvi’s already visually intuitive analysis of social media conversations – will enhance a user’s ability to identify significant discussions about their brand and understand the social media response in categories such as volume, sentiment, influencers, location, conversations and the viral coefficient, says the company.

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