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Microsoft Hosts Venture Capital Event for Startups in China

Microsoft Hosts Venture Capital Event for Startups in China

Microsoft Hosts Venture Capital Event for Startups in China

Microsoft Ventures Accelerator in Beijing held a Demo Day on Saturday for its fifth cohort, which included 15 startups presenting their companies to a group of over 200 venture capitalists, media and industry professionals. At the event, Microsoft Ventures also announced the succeeding cohort.

Since its launch in China in July 2012, Microsoft Ventures Accelerator in Beijing has won the title of “Best Incubator in China” for two consecutive years and has formed strategic cooperation with many industry leaders to help start-ups connect and cooperate with clients.

Among the 85 companies that have graduated from the program, more than 90% have already obtained a new round of financing, with a total valuation of over RMB 10 billion. Six enterprises have been acquired and a big data company has landed on Shenzhen Stock Market’s New Third Board.

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Over the past two and a half years, Microsoft Ventures Accelerator in Beijing has been providing professional entrepreneurship services. Once an entrepreneurial team has been selected, all resources are provided for free.

With the implementation of the lifelong alumni system, startups can enjoy all the rights and interests of the alumni network, so they will continue to receive support from the company after six months of incubation.

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In addition, Microsoft Ventures Accelerator has established a strategic partnership with Hong Kong and Taiwan to help local startups realize their entrepreneurial dreams.

In the recruitment of the 6th class startups, 700+ entrepreneurial teams applied and 21 teams were selected. These are:

  1. Singularity Machine Intelligence extends the search function from the Internet into mobile APPs to put millions of APPs in use once they are searched.
  2. Idotools is committed to providing the most convenient and practical mobile phone tools for users.
  3. iYunxue Age is dedicated to developing and operating online primary and secondary school education products to build Mofangge, a leading brand for online question databases and interactive community for K12 in China.
  4. Youtejie is a product team of Rizhiyi making search analysis for professional and complex logs in enterprise information systems into simple and useful search engines.
  5. Yuexiang Trend is devoted to biosensing and producing wearable technologies to create “Liangliang,” a watch for daily physical examination that continuously and automatically measures multiple vital signs;
  6. Skylark Technology provides the next-generation cloud platform with high-density and dynamic computing capacity.
  7. Tenxor, an eye health big data team, provides the first self-care monitoring devices in the world and a remote consultation service.
  8. Zhichidata applies big data and natural language processing in customer services to transform them from less cost-effective to highly profitable services.
  9. Malong Technology is committed to adopting the world’s leading deep learning and computer vision technologies to equip artificial intelligence with fashion tastes.
  10. Meicai is a mobile e-vendor of agricultural products, which serves tens of thousands of small and medium-sized restaurants in China.
  11. Ehang is a company that has built the easiest-control intelligent, unmanned aerial vehicle in the world, making the dream of flying come true for everyone.
  12. Cogtu Technologies, an advertising company, is the creator of native advertisements embedded in images, combining image-recognition, semantic analysis and cognitive analysis technologies in artificial intelligence.
  13. Yourstech created APICloud, a one-stop application development platform combining cloud and end functions, redefining mobile app development with the perspective of Internet.
  14. Goudaifu uses intelligent devices to provide online health consultation and offline treatment services for pets.
  15. Deetin, is a data and artificial intelligence center focused on creating intelligent routers designed specifically for the mobile age to build smart homes in the future.
  16. ITjuzi is dedicated to building a database for startups and investments in the primary market, promoting entrepreneurship and investment with data and providing services on the enterprise level.
  17. Louli is a life-service platform focused on building as basic units and the community as its central infrastructure.
  18. Yida Technologies creates an O2O platform for global designers in the mode of “mashup + experts.”
  19. Kemaiduo is a social and personal CRM platform that helps sales personnel develop personal connections and efficiently improve business performance.
  20. EulerSpace is a team for intelligent robot platforms that combine a robot control system with cloud computing technology.
  21. Aidmics is a biotechnology team from Taiwan dedicated to reproduction optimization and building mobile and connected intelligent sperm testing devices and services.

Microsoft Ventures is a global initiative to help entrepreneurs build their companies. Working with startups at every stage of maturity, the initiative provides tools, resources and expertise to help startups succeed.

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