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Meet the 2014 ‘Masters of Social Media’

MVPindex, developed by Stout Partners, has analyzed the social media presence of all 97 contestants at the 2014 Masters Tournament to determine the champions of Social Media.

MVPindex offers exclusive analytics that measure social media rankings in real-time, for more than 9,000 athletes, teams and sports leagues through proprietary algorithms built specifically for each sport.

According to the company, this specialized tracking of an athlete’s social media presence is further enhanced with the expertise of Stout Partners’ beta clients that includes brands such as TaylorMade, Under Armour, and several professional athletes, teams and agencies.

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Key insights from MVPindex’s 2014 ‘Masters of Social Media’ analysis:

  • Rory Mcllroy is The ‘Master of Social Media’ with the highest MVPindex score of (.972), his strongest inputs are Reach and Engagement on Facebook
  • Jason Dufner leads in mentions and retweets on Twitter out of all 97 participants
  • Jordan Spieth leads in reach, conversation, and engagement amongst all first time players in the 2014 Masters.
  • 63% of past champions are active on Social Media

Masters of Social Media

“Building your brand through social media has become extremely competitive amongst today’s top athletes,” said Kyle Nelson, co-founder and CMO at Stout Partners.

“The contestants at The Masters with the highest social media rankings will provide the best sponsorship ROI, during the most important week for golf.”

For more rankings of the champions at The Masters, and across the sports spectrum, go to

Stout Partners, a sports social media data and marketing company based in Dallas, Texas, offers a full range of social media and digital consulting services with a focus on social media analytics, and brand/athlete activations.

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