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Facebook Application to Market Loans via Social Media

Tech company Shastic today introduced Calcubot Cloud, its first financial marketing solution to integrate the Web and Facebook using cloud technology to market loans.

Calcubot Cloud enables users to explore a loan on Facebook and seamlessly continue their investigation on the Web — or vice versa — without having to start over again.

Calcubot Cloud’s consultative approach walks prospective loan customers through an interactive buying process tailored to a financial institution’s lending products.

Members can save loan calculations in the cloud and access them from anywhere. ‘Savings Alerts’ can notify users when interest rates fall to a desired level.

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The social aspect of Calcubot Cloud lies in its ability to be shared with the end-user’s Facebook friends with the click of a ‘Like’ button, creating viral brand awareness for the financial institution.

Calcubot Cloud can be configured and installed in 15 minutes, says the company.

Financial Institutions have the option of a Shastic-led implementation or performing a Web-based installation.

Shastic is a technology company based in Berkeley, CA.

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