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LG Brings ‘Less Mess More Life’ to Facebook

Sorry, it’s not about the persisting mess on Facebook. Rather, in celebration of its new front-load washing machine, LG Electronics is launching the “Less Mess. More Life” social media sweepstakes on Facebook.

It encourages consumers to vote on the messiest household pictures which they would like to fast forward through, for a chance to win prizes, including $100 gift cards.

By participating in the contest, Facebook fans are also entered to win the LG TurboWash washer and matching dryer, valued at more than $3,000, says LG.

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The sweepstakes, which runs from Aug. 1-31, will also feature a “time-saving laundry calculator” to illustrate the 20 minute time savings per load that consumers can earn by using LG’s new TurboWash technology. It is at

LG Electronics

LG Electronics

Given average household laundry habits, 20 minutes saved per load equates to 2-1/2 hours per week, which adds up as quickly as the family laundry pile, according to LG.

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“We’re proud to help moms fast-forward through those messy moments and find more time for activities they enjoy—whether it’s time with family, friends or even a few quiet moments alone,” said James Fishler, senior vice president, marketing and go-to-market operations, LG Electronics USA.

“We encourage everyone to register their vote for the messiest picture, see how they compare with other fans, and enter to win some great prizes from LG.  ‘Less mess. More life’ – the perfect mom mantra.”

In addition to videos illustrating what happens when laundry takes over our lives, the site shares the messy moments picture rankings by other consumers, so fans can see how they’re tracking against other voters.

Photo courtesy: LG

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