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Leo Burnett Tech Show at Cannes Festival of Creativity

As Cannes International Festival of Creativity celebrates its 60th anniversary, Leo Burnett Worldwide and Contagious Communications will look 60 months into the future.

They will offer a head-start on the most significant technological innovations that will redefine how brands connect with people.

Today, June 18, in Cannes James Kirkham, Leo Burnett’s newly appointed global head of social and mobile and Paul Kemp-Robertson, co-founder and editorial director for Contagious Communications will explore how technology can be applied to the natural cadence of our daily lives in order to make routine activities and behaviors more streamlined, meaningful or entertaining.

Voted the “Seminar of the Day” by the first-ever Lions Live, Full of Tomorrow will be live streamed on Cannes’ Lions Live page for viewers at home.

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“Working on this already feels like a career highlight; I get to work with Contagious on exploring incredible technologies which brands will be able to humanise in the very near future,” said James Kirkham. “It is like being a part of your favourite book and getting to talk about it to the world live on YouTube. What’s not to like?”

Full of Tomorrow will explore fledgling technologies, including affective interfaces, which detect human mood and emotion; cognitive computing, which absorbs medical data from the body to make more accurate diagnoses; and epidermal electronics, which can measure skin hydration, temperature and electric signals from activity in the muscles and the brain.

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The seminar will also explore multisensory projections and new e-commerce experiences that affect the way we shop and interact with products. Lastly, the session will explore the human body as interface and how advanced motion tracking could engage consumers with brands through the slightest movement.

The seminar will cover topics, including:

  • How can experimenting with technology let brands step outside their traditional limitations?
  • Are you using technology to mask bad ideas? If it’s not useful, relevant or entertaining, it’s not worth sending out into the world.
  • With technology moving at such a rapid pace, how do marketers ensure they keep humans – not consumers – at the heart of everything they do?
  • How can brands use technology to solve real problems or make enhancements to people’s everyday lives?

Leo Burnett Worldwide, part of Publicis Groupe, is one of the world’s largest agency networks with 96 offices and nearly 10,000 employees.

Photo courtesy: Leo Burnett

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