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Joy Baer Named as Comcast Strata President

Strata, a Comcast company, and a leading player in media buying and selling software, announced Friday that Joy Baer has been named president and John Shelton will become a strategic advisor to Strata.

Joy Baer

A software veteran, Baer previously served as executive VP and COO at Strata. She was CEO of SpotBuySpot (SBS) which was purchased by Strata in 2007. She brings over 25 years of enterprise software experience and management expertise to her new role of president.

To date, Strata works with over 1,000 advertising agencies, large media companies, and has over 20,000 users, according to the company.

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“It has been an honor working with John Shelton over the years and watching Strata grow under his expert leadership,” said Baer (pictured above).

“John’s guidance and direction over the last 30 years has made Strata a preeminent name in advertising software. I look forward to taking up the torch and leading Strata in this ever-changing media landscape.”

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Shelton, who has been with Strata since its inception in 1984, will step down as president/CEO and serve as a strategic advisor to the company.

The custom solutions supplied by Strata empower clients to sell and purchase all media types including cable, broadcast, newspaper, radio, outdoor, and digital advertising mediums.

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