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IBM, NVIDIA, Mellanox Launch Design Center for Big Data

IBM, NVIDIA, Mellanox Launch Design Center for Big Data

IBM, NVIDIA, Mellanox Launch Design Center for Big Data

IBM, in collaboration with NVIDIA and Mellanox, announced Thursday the establishment of a POWER Acceleration and Design Center in Montpellier, France to advance the development of data-intensive research, industrial, and commercial applications.

Born out of the collaborative spirit fostered by the OpenPOWER Foundation – a community co-founded in part by IBM, NVIDIA and Mellanox supporting open development on top of the POWER architecture – the new Center provides commercial and open-source software developers with technical assistance to enable them to develop high performance computing (HPC) applications.

Technical experts from IBM, NVIDIA and Mellanox will help developers take advantage of OpenPOWER systems leveraging IBM’s open and licensable POWER architecture with the NVIDIA Tesla Accelerated Computing Platform and Mellanox InfiniBand networking solutions.

These are the class of systems developed collaboratively with the U.S. Department of Energy for the next generation Sierra and Summit supercomputers and to be used by the United Kingdom’s Science and Technology Facilities Council’s Hartree Centre for big data research.

In addition to expanding the software and solution ecosystem around OpenPOWER, this new collaboration between the three companies will create opportunities for software designers to acquire advanced HPC skills and drive the development of new technologies to bring value to customers globally.

The Center will be led by a team of experts from NVIDIA and Mellanox along with leading scientists from IBM Client Center Montpellier (France) and IBM Research Zurich (Switzerland).

The Montpellier-based center is the second of its kind, complementing the previously announced center in Germany established in concert with IBM, NVIDIA and the Jülich Supercomputing Center in November.

As founding members of the OpenPOWER Foundation, IBM, NVIDIA, and Mellanox share a common vision to bring a new class of systems to market faster to tackle today’s big data challenges.

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