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Youth Tech Startup Coder Raises $4.5 Million

Tech Startup Coder

Tech Startup Coder

Coder founders John A. Entwistle (age 20), Ammar Bandukwala (age 19), and Kyle Carberry (age 21) raise $4.5 million for their service which “server-powers” development environments.

The google docs-like service allows developers to use tools (like VS Code) through their web portal. Local integration and enterprise are on the roadmap for the tech startup.

Investors included Uncork Capital and Redpoint Ventures as co-leads, along with Founders Fund, Capital Factory and some individual investors.

The Austin-based startup has launched, an online integrated development environment (IDE) that enables anyone to write code on any device.

It supports 15 programming languages and directly ties into cloud providers, giving users unlimited computational power. The company says it is looking for developers who want to help improve its platform.

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