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IBM Artificial Intelligence Solutions to Help Retail Industry

IBM Artificial Intelligence Solutions

Watson Order Optimizer intelligently learns as a Retailer’s fulfillment network changes. Predictive models learn daily based on network changes and sell thru patterns to make the best decisions for each order at any given time.

At the National Retail Federation’s 2019 Big Show, IBM announced its new AI-powered innovations to help the retail industry accelerate customer experience by providing tools designed to optimize worker and business performance.

At the heart of this is retail’s growing adoption of intelligent automation, defined as the convergence of people, processes, automation, and artificial intelligence (AI).

This represents a new trend in the industry as human capabilities can be augmented to help reduce errors, while enabling a culture of digital operations and customer experience innovations.

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Spearheading this transformation is IBM Order Management with Watson Order Optimizer, and IBM MetroPulse, which help retailers improve omni-channel profitability and customer satisfaction.

As the next generation of customers expects brands to provide unmatched experiential design and functionality across multiple interfaces, retaining customer loyalty requires retailers and manufacturers to implement cognitive, automated services while still remaining transparent and secure.

IBM says the AI-powered Watson Order Optimization capabilities integrated with OMS can help increase purchase conversions by quickly adapting to seasonal fluctuations, while scaling fulfillment capacity. This supports increased yet regionally varied customer demand.

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