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How to Get TV Experience with YouTube Android Player

Web videos company 9× has announced the availability of its YouTube video discovery app for Android devices on Google Play.

It provides viewers with curated video channels in a format that makes it easy for users to flip, find, and play YouTube videos on their Android smartphones and tablets.

The app is one of the first to utilize Google’s new YouTube Android Player API, enabling 9× to improve discovery on YouTube for Android smartphone and tablet users, says the company.

“When the opportunity arose for us to be one of the first to leverage Google’s YouTube Android Player API, we saw it as the perfect way to make it easy for people to find and enjoy the best that YouTube has to offer,” said Jack Chang, COO of 9×

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It provides continuous video playback and easy navigation designed to mimic the TV experience. Similar to flipping through channels on TV, users can flip left and right to change videos in a channel, and up and down to change channels, just with the swipe of a finger on their Android devices.

The app’s “day parting” and recommendation capabilities allow a curated set of nine YouTube channels to be featured according to the time of day.

Users can tune in at any time for a personalized, bite-sized selection of channels with content that informs and entertains. For example, the “Morning Shows” time slot provides users with channels including news and morning talk show videos.

During “Late Night,” the channels focus on comedy and late night talk shows. At any time, people can also search through a variety of alternative channels that cater to their unique lifestyle.

9× is a Silicon Valley company headquartered in Santa Clara, California with international offices in Taipei and Beijing.

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