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Star Trek Online Season 6: Under Siege Now Live

Perfect World Entertainment Inc. today, July 17, announced the release of Star Trek Online Season 6: Under Siege.

This latest major update to Star Trek Online introduces the Fleet (Guild) Advancement System, which allows Fleet members to construct, level-up and defend their own Starbase.

Alongside new Fleet events and additional end-game content for max level players, with Season 6: Under Siege , the free-to-play MMO sees its first major Foundry update since launch.

“Our primary focus with Season 6 is to have fleets become a more central and fundamental part of the Star Trek Online experience,” said Dan Stahl, executive producer of Star Trek Online, Cryptic Studios.

“Fleets may now work to improve their Starbase category, unlocking additional functionality and increasing the size and grandeur of the Starbase itself.”

For more details on Star Trek Online Season 6: Under Siege and to download and play Star Trek Online for free, you can visit: According to Perfect World Entertainment, Star Trek Online is licensed by CBS Consumer Products.

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