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How LG Plans to Show Google on Your TV

After equipping its Smart TVs with Google TV, LG Electronics is expanding its 2013 Google TV lineup to seven models in five screen sizes for 2013.

These are premium models featuring LG’s Cinema Screen design, the company announced today, Dec. 24.

The extended LG Google TV lineup, which will be introduced at next month’s 2013 International CES in Las Vegas, encompasses two model series (GA7900 and GA6400) designed to deliver an intuitive user experience, various sizes and new design.

Google’s latest platform and LG’s redesigned Magic Qwerty Remote work together to enhance the effectiveness of Voice Search and the PrimeTime quick guide.

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The updated Home Dashboard also adds to the user experience by offering convenient, streamlined access to premium video on-demand, such as HBO GO, content from YouTube and more apps.

LG Google TV aims to redefine the user experience, says the company. The new Home Dashboard offers varied types of “cards” that act as folders to display apps and other content. The new “My Interest” Card can display useful information including real-time weather and customizable news.

The LG Smart TV with Google TV offers different connectivity options and can connect to a variety of devices wirelessly.

The latest YouTube app update for Android, smart phones and tablets can be automatically paired with Google TV over the same home network via Wi-Fi, making it easy to send videos from your device to your TV with just the touch of one button.

For gamers, LG Google TV will offer the OnLive app pre-installed, which transforms the TV into a gaming platform without the need for a separate console. The app makes hundreds of video games available instantly from the cloud, says LG.

Photo courtesy: LG Electronics

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