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How India Telecom Handles Complaints on Twitter

Twitter Sewa to Address Complaints of Indians

Twitter Sewa to Address Complaints of Indians

After the launch of Twitter Sewa by India’s Minister of Communications Manoj Sinha in August last year for registration and resolution of complaints, the government claims about 99 percent of the complaints have been resolved through the social media.

As per data released by BSNL, as on April 15, 2017, it has received a total number of 27,988 complaints and has resolved 27,965 grievances with a resolution rate of 99.91%.

The Telecom Minister having twitter account @manojsinhabjp has been calling for daily status reports on resolution of telecom and postal related complaints received through this platform.

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Similarly, according to a government statement, India Post has handled 27,000 tweets and resolved them.

In case of Telecom, consumer complaints relate mainly to telephone bills, broadband connectivity, faulty connections, shifting of landline phones, and wi-fi hotspots.

In the case of postal services, complaints are mainly about slow delivery of articles containing PAN Cards, Roll numbers, parcels, money orders, and medicines.

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