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How Joikusoft of Finland Empowers You in the Mobile World

By Rakesh Raman

The real transformation in the global mobile markets began just a few years ago with the advent of high-speed mobile technologies that allowed users to access Internet on the go – on their mobile devices.

This was the time when most mobile operators decided to shift their focus from mere voice services to mobile data services with their eyes on higher ARPU (average revenue per user) levels that were getting stagnant.

The voice-to-data transition opened up numerous opportunities not only for the big operators, but also for smaller players in the mobile business world. Finland-based Joikusoft Ltd. was one of them.

Joikusoft did not waste any time and immediately plunged into the changing marketplace with its cutting-edge application for worldwide mobile users. The company was formed in 2007 with a financial support of some 500,000 euros from Finland government that has a scheme to finance innovative product development ventures.

Internet in Your Pocket

The first offering of Joikusoft was JoikuSpot, a mobile app that allowed users to create Wi-Fi hotspots by using their mobile phones.

“The main objective of the company was to put Internet in the pockets of mobile users through JoikuSpot,” says Joikusoft CEO Tom Ojala (pictured above) who is also one of the directors in the company.

The other Joikusoft directors are Jari Kiuru, Timo Saraketo, Ari Backholm, and Antti Kosunen.

JoikuSpot not only helped the company woo global consumers, but it also impressed mobile market leader Nokia, the company with which Ojala had earlier worked as director – Marketing for the U.S. market.

Nokia decided to bundle JoikuSpot with its mobile devices. As a result, the market acceptance of Joikusoft and its app JoikuSpot increased significantly after becoming a strategic app development partner to Nokia.

“The popularity of Nokia devices among consumers helped Joikusoft in the market and now over 10 million users are using JoikuSpot app in different parts of the world,” says Ojala.

Competitive Landscape

When everything was going right on track for Joikusoft, the company faced a challenge in the market as Windows, Android, and iOS platforms started gaining popularity on mobile devices. But JoikuSpot was a custom-made application for Nokia phones. That obstructed JoikuSpot’s market reach.

The immediate task for the company was to leverage the competing platforms to attract more consumers for its offerings. The company accomplished that task successfully and has rolled out totally new apps for Windows and Android systems. However, Apple’s iOS has not yet been targeted.

Along with JoikuSpot, of late, the company also has launched four new applications for global mobile users on Windows as well as Android platforms.

New Applications

The new applications are:

Joiku Wi-Fi File Share: Allows you to transfer phone files and media to laptops and other Wi-Fi devices wirelessly.

Joiku Speed Test: Allows you to see mobile Internet speed on your devices.

Joiku Speed Test

Joiku Speed Test Operator Speed Map: Allows you to see which operator has the best mobile Internet speed at your location.

Joiku PhoneUsage: Allows you to monitor your phone usage for voice, text, and data so you could plan the usage in an optimum manner.

The Road Ahead

While the Speed apps are currently available in Europe only, Joiku Wi-Fi File Share and Joiku Phone Usage apps are already being offered in the global markets. And the company plans to deliver even the Speed apps all across the world in the coming few months.

According to Ojala, the new apps have almost reached the target of one million users. And for further development, Joikusoft has joined hands with Aalto University, which has planned to drive innovation and business opportunities in Finland’s mobile ecosystem.

Last year, Microsoft Corp. and Nokia decided to invest into a newly established mobile application development program at Aalto University.

“The technology alliance with Aalto University will certainly help Joikusoft leapfrog in the mobile apps business,” says Ojala. “Our next target is to touch the 3-million user mark with our new apps before the end of 2014.”

Now, the company is offering its apps as free and paid versions through Google Play, a digital distribution platform for Android applications. And it is using various digital marketing techniques such as ads, e-mails, and social media messaging to attract more buyers from across the world.

“The increasing competition led by open-source software communities is good for us, as it will help us improve our apps constantly for the benefit of consumers,” concludes Ojala.

By Rakesh Raman, the managing editor of RMN Digital.

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