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Have You Used a Digital Showroom?

Tommy Hilfiger and Daniel Grieder in the Digital Showroom

Tommy Hilfiger and Daniel Grieder in the Digital Showroom

The centerpiece of the digital showroom is an interactive half-meter by one-meter touchscreen table set in a sleek walnut frame, which connects to a four-meter-high wall-to-wall grid of ultra-high-definition 4K screens.

Tommy Hilfiger, which is owned by PVH Corp. (NYSE:PVH), has launched a digital sales showroom, located at its global headquarters in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

The digital showroom changes the sales experience for retailers by offering them a more engaging and seamless buying approach. The interactive system blends collection information, sales tools and brand content in one seamless touchscreen interface.

Customers can digitally view every item in the Tommy Hilfiger sportswear and Hilfiger Denim seasonal collections and create custom orders with all product categories laid out across a single screen.

They can view head-to-toe key looks, zoom in with detail to see design features, and click on a garment for specific information such as color offerings and size ranges.

“Our digital showroom revolutionizes the buying and selling journey for our retail customers and internal sales teams,” said Daniel Grieder, CEO, Tommy Hilfiger.

Digital Showroom

The product selection and ordering experience builds on a traditional sales approach, reimagined through the digitalized system that streamlines and simplifies the process.

The interactive interface allows for in-depth discussions on styling, merchandising and deliveries that are tailored to each client. Furthermore, by complementing traditional sales tools with an array of brand information, the digital showroom immerses the customer in the Tommy Hilfiger brand experience.

Tommy Hilfiger Digital Showroom

Tommy Hilfiger Digital Showroom

The digital showroom concept also supports Tommy Hilfiger’s ongoing sustainability mission, as it reduces sample production, eliminates the need for printed order forms, and diminishes the ecological impacts of shipping.

In turn, the environmental impacts of sample creation are significantly reduced, from the supply chain and manufacturing to packaging and international shipping.

Tommy Hilfiger will launch its digital showroom today, January 21, 2015, in Amsterdam with key international wholesale partners, and the company is establishing a global roll-out plan to expand the concept into markets worldwide.

With a brand portfolio that includes Tommy Hilfiger and Hilfiger Denim, Tommy Hilfiger is a leading designer lifestyle group.

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