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Scrib: A Stylus Aims to Replace Pen and Paper



Scrib is claimed to be a next-generation stylus designed from scratch as a stylus and not as a pen with a rubber tip.

It comes in three interchangeable tips allowing for dynamic writing, whether you are looking to take notes, convert hand-written equations into digital text, or draw beautiful work of art right into your tablet.

Sleekly designed with a balanced body mass, ergonomic grip and a modular tip, the Scrib changes the world of writing without changing the experience, says the company.

It comes in the shape of a fountain pen and provides the option of interchangeable tip cartridges for greater precision in writing and drawing,

According to the company, Scrib is a vertical solution to all those who value writing as an essential part of their daily lives. Using Scrib, along with its dedicated app, allows writers to directly write into their tablet exactly as they would with a pen and paper while being able to digitally convert their handwritten notes into digital interactive text available for sharing using mail, dropbox or other means.

Using Scrib’s dedicated app, searching through handwritten notes becomes as easy as just typing what you’re looking for…exactly as if the notes were initially typed, suggests the company.

A 30 day crowdfunding campaign to fund $75,000 US dollars for the production of Scrib has been launched on Indiegogo on June 23, 2015.

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