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Giant Digital Image Allows You to Explore Udaipur

A digital image, created by stitching 1456 single photos, offers an attractive view of Udaipur in the Rajasthan state of India.

This image is claimed to be India’s largest interactive panoramic image which provides an interactive way of exploring the historical city in India.

Announced today, Jan. 22, it’s part of a project by the company and its creator Pranshu Dubey.

Anyone can access the website and experience the interactive tour of Udaipur. You can zoom the parts of image and see extreme details of Udaipur’s monuments.

The visitors can also read information about each monument as well as book a hotel and see the interior virtual tours of the hotels, according to PixelDo, which provides services of aerial photography and mappings in India.



Udaipur 16 Gigapixel shows the use of digital imagery with the high-resolution interactive photos.

You can see the gigapixel image, here.

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