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Getting Connected with Social Visual Voicemail

When everything is going the social way, why not voicemail? So, uReach Technologies has introduced VisionMail, carrier-grade visual voice messaging with message transcription, social network integration, call following, and a menu of advanced features to enhance the user experience (UX) for mobile subscribers.

Among the other socially inspired offerings is a social magazine. Flipboard has introduced its social magazine for Apple iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch in France. It is stated to be a fast and beautiful way to enjoy stories, photos and updates shared on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social networks. (Read: After Social Media, Here Comes a Social Magazine)

“VisionMail is social, fun, flexible and powerful,” said Saul Einbinder, senior VP of Marketing for uReach. “VisionMail is the only visual voicemail solution that integrates full message transcription with personalized greetings, group communications, social platforms, a unique second chance find me feature for selected callers, and a visual inbox that includes contact photos and their updated statuses.”

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Thus, VisionMail gives service providers a visually engaging value added service for their mobile subscribers and avoids giving up customer control to over-the-top solutions. As participation in social networks continues to soar, VisionMail’s integrated social networking capabilities appeal to the socially aware mobile community, says the company.

VisionMail is designed for ease of deployment with considerations such as app-store integration and automatic subscriber provisioning. It can be white labeled, and can be deployed in-network or via uReach’s hosted cloud. As it does not require the typical lengthy carrier network integration, service providers can launch to subscribers in a matter of weeks, the company suggests.

The user experience is designed to help subscribers easily enjoy all of its benefits via built-in learn-as-you-go suggestions and tutorials. It was introduced Monday, April 2.

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