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Conde Nast’s Facebook Social Game for Women

Conde Nast’s SELF, a leading women’s active lifestyle brand, enters the social gaming scene with the debut of SELF Workout in the Park It was announced by Laura McEwen, vice president and publisher of SELF.

Marking the first social game launched by a magazine brand, SELF Workout in the Park is inspired by SELF’s live-event franchise of the same name, now in its 19th year.

The game will premiere on Facebook on March 19, 2012, with more information available at the game’s official site,

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Providing an immersive, interactive experience that celebrates fitness, health and wellness, SELF Workout in the Park is unique in combining virtual gameplay with real-world pursuits in a highly compelling and rewarding way, says the company.

The game provides an expansive experience where players create and customize their own outdoor fitness park, personalize avatars in their likeness, enjoy health and relaxation activities, work out on fitness equipment and participate in exercise and health-themed missions and challenges that impact the look and fitness level of their avatar, while inviting Facebook friends to join the fun.

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SELF Workout in the Park also delivers real-world benefits to users, including merchandise offers from sponsors in beauty, fashion, fitness and wellness, as well as logging and tracking real-life fitness goals and progress via the game’s companion mobile app, launching on April 7, which will impact players’ in-game avatars.

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“This game puts SELF on the leading edge of one of the most vibrant consumer experiences just as the market for high-quality branded games, goods and virtual services is exploding,” says McEwen.

“SELF Workout in the Park will have a profound effect on our brand footprint as the number of female gamers has grown exponentially, now representing 55% of the 98 million social gamers in the U.S. SELF is at the right place at the right time—the game is fun, funny, engaging and captures women’s passionate interests in fitness, health and wellness.”

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According to the company, the game captures a woman’s interest in improving herself, which underscores the primary mission of the SELF brand.

In the United States, Conde Nast publishes 18 consumer magazines, four business-to-business publications, 27 websites and more than 50 apps for mobile and tablet devices.

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