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#ForgetFlawless: Vichy Social Campaign for Real Women

#ForgetFlawless: Vichy Social Campaign for Real Women

#ForgetFlawless: Vichy Social Campaign for Real Women

Vichy Laboratories, an anti-aging brand available in Europe’s premiere pharmacies, will launch its #ForgetFlawless campaign in the United States.

#ForgetFlawless is a campaign created to rally real women with real lives and real skin concerns, and present them with the opportunity to let go of unrealistic beauty expectations and be empowered by the skin they can achieve using Vichy products.

Over the years, the company says, women have been increasingly bombarded with unattainable beauty ideals, with heavily retouched and airbrushed images of ‘flawless’ looking skin which have now become the industry standard.

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In an effort to transform the way women see and treat their skin, the #ForgetFlawless campaign and video message focuse on the first moment in the day when most women are far too hard on themselves: the time she first looks at herself in the mirror.

“We want to encourage women to stop aiming for unattainable perfection and instead strive to embrace the best version of themselves in all aspects and life stages of their lives,” says Catherine D’Aragon, assistant VP of Vichy USA.

Breaking away from the current trend of emotionally heavy content, the video is produced in a manner intended to surprise viewers with its playful optimism. The four women – representing different life stages – were encouraged to improvise and make the characters their own, allowing them the freedom to bring their own skincare stories to life.

The supporting #ForgetFlawless campaign includes in-store materials and outdoor print with visuals entirely free of retouching, showing 100% real skin.

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