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FlightView Flight Tracking App for Android Tablets

Travel apps developer FlightView has partnered with software company 3Beam Technologies to launch its flight tracking app optimized for Android tablets including the Kindle Fire.

The new app is designed for a tablet’s specific size and capabilities.

FlightView 2.5 for Android tablets, available in Free, Standard, and Elite versions – comes loaded with all the flight-tracking and day-of-travel mobile functionality, including:

  • More Intuitive Layout. FlightView users won’t be simply accessing the smartphone app on a larger screen – FlightView 2.5 offers an optimized design which takes advantage of the larger screen size to display a 2-panel layout, enabling users to view more travel information in one place.
  • Easier App Navigation. FlightView 2.5 offers ease-of-use experience for travelers by incorporating high-level buttons at the top of the screen to enable quick navigation to day-of-travel information.

Android tablet users can track flights, monitor airport delays, share flight information and plan trip details.

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“There’s no denying the explosive use of mobile devices in the travel industry,” says Mike Benjamin, CEO of FlightView. “Enhancing our app for the tablet is just another way we’re working to bring the best day-of-travel experience to our users, across all mobile devices.”

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